Social media stars Sailing Uma's Dan and Kika, a couple who document their travels on their boat on YouTube and Instagram, will be appearing at the show


Sailing Uma’s Dan and Kika wanted to explore the globe and followed their friend’s advice: “If you want to travel the world, don’t buy a couch”. And so they bought a sailboat.

Today, Dan and Kika have a worldwide social media following of nearly 114,000 people tuning into their adventures around the globe.

Canadian Dan and Kika from Haiti met when they were both studying architecture in Atlanta, USA, and soon after graduating set sail together on their adventure.

By the end of the summer 2014, they had sold the majority of their possessions and bought their new home, a 1972 Pearson 36 they named Uma, the Portuguese word for number one. The impetus for this name is that all plans in life require a first choice, idea or step.

Over recent years, followers have watched them remove the boat’s diesel engine, using their DIY skills to rebuild and upgrade their sailboat while starting a life at sea.

With solar to power their everyday needs and an electric motor to drive their boat, Uma is 100% off grid. This allows Dan and Kika to continue to observe the world, learn from their experiences and share every step along the way on social media.

Dan and Kika said about appearing at the Southampton Boat Show 2018: “This year will be the first time we’ve visited Southampton Boat Show and we can’t wait. We’ve heard great things from our followers and are very much looking forward to our first visit. More importantly, we are really excited to be able to meet visitors and share our story.

“Like many, we started with a five year plan, had a successful renovation company, a place to live, steady incomes and a pretty good life overall. We had everything we needed, but something was still missing.

“In life there are many paths to choose. All requiring a first step, a first idea, a first choice to start with, to guide you on your journey. We hope that our story will stand as inspiration to those wanting to pursue their dreams, to take their own first step, to discover their own, Uma.”

Visitors will be able to meet and hear from Dan and Kika on Sunday 16 September, at 12pm and 2pm on the Show’s Heart Stage in Festival Green.