Sunseeker yachts is an international boat design and building company based in Poole, England. Sunseekers are renowned for their luxury and their use in James Bond films.

Sunseeker boats was originally known as Poole Power Boats and entered the boating industry importing boats from Scandinavia and the USA before beginning to mould and fit out their Sunseeker boats in the early 1970s.

When exhibiting their 17 and 23 foot Sunseeker yachts at a boat showin the 70s, a boat dealer said “if you can make them all in white, and put a full width sunbed across the stern, I’ll buy them.”

Sunseeker did as they were asked, beginning a string of boating firsts including the early Offshore 28, which was the first boat in Europe with a lightweight hull specifically designed to carry stern-drive diesel engines powering twin outdrives.

Sunseeker’s boats also introduced duoprops; two propellers rotating in opposite directions to improve efficiency on the Offshore 31, as well as the family-sized Comanche 40’s garage for tenders and toys and the Renegade 60 powered by water jets – churning out 32,000 gallons every minute at full throttle.

In the late nineties the Predator 80-foot demonstrated Sunseeker’s long-established trademark race-derived deep-V hulls to mix sporting performance with comfort, engineering 50 tonnes of yacht to reach 46 knots.

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