A funny find on eBay and the underhand French sailing tax that's got the YBW Forums talking this weekend...


It’s been a busy weekend on the YBW Forums with thousands of community members discussing a wide variety of topics from Seacock replacement to where to cruise this summer (HINT – a group outing to Sardinia seems to be on the cards).

Our top forum thread over the weekend was a really interesting discussion about what to do with the unwanted boats that end up abandoned along waterways in a state of disrepair every year.

A longstanding member, Malo37 posts: “I’m sure that many of you, like me, are aware of one or two boats which seem to be totally neglected and where there has been no sighting of the owner for a year or sometimes several years. Equally, there are always individuals looking for bargain boats. A bit of research followed by a pro-active approach to the owner and investment in a re-fit could deliver a bargain yacht. Is it practicable to suggest contributions to a list of potential candidate boats?”

PeterWright argues that “the legal costs involved can often exceed the market value of the boat concerned” but as another forum member Seajet points out, there are also some success stories too.

Another hot topic this weekend was centred around this post from Sybarite titled New French sailing tax slips in under the radar. He writes: “The Sénat has recently approved an anchoring tax in zones of special interest which is completely exorbitant – €20 per metre per day! So, to anchor in a lovely spot like Port Cros which is a favourite day trip destination is now going to cost €200 per day for a 33′ boat. It only applies to private yachts and not to the ferries and day trippers who use the same waters.” Read more about the new French sailing tax and also find links to sign a petition against the new charges.

Lastly, in the third most popular thread over the weekend, PBO contributor and forumite dylanwinter shared a ‘boat heater’ for sale on Ebay that had the forums in stitches. It very closely resembled the ingenious tealight heater he had much Internet success with a few years ago – except for the fact the eBay seller had completely misunderstood the physics behind it. Also charging £10 for a “dog bowl and tray with an expected output similar to running 2 60W bulbs” was too funny for user Mistroma.

Funnyman lampshuk had his own theory about the heater. He posted: “I think the problem with this whole approach is one afflicting so many oral traditions. ‘Four tea-candles’ will indeed not provide much heat. However, ‘Forty candles’ should be enough to provide measurable heat output. Any volunteers to conduct trials? I wonder if Ronnie Corbett has a boat.”

And that is as good enough reason as any to post this video clip: