The YBW Boats for Sale team dug through the magazine archives to find the best retro boats for sale adverts

The classic way to sell your boat in Motor Boats Monthly in 1981: a topless woman

Sunseeker 89
Willie Nelson impresses his lady friend with a spin on his Arrowhead

Arrowhead 89
NO THANK YOU. I’ll keep my distance if that’s ok

Orkadian 89
Guessing this mail order catalogue from the Welsh Harp Boat Centre got a warm response

Harp 70
We’d like to see more boats for sale adverts with vikings in them… BRING BACK VIKINGS

When is a boat like a Bond girl? Also, when did we stop calling boats ladies?

Nicholson 81
It’s a remake of that John Le Carre 1970s classic, “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Tramp”

We all know the feeling…
Who doesn’t want to see a pun in a boats for sale advert?