Swedish studio Gray Design have created a huge superyacht inspired by a car of their own design too. See all the renderings of the craft here.

With a top speed of 35 knots, this 200 foot yacht is nothing short of impressive.

Gray Design came up with the concept of creating a matching set of vehicles for land and sea and that’s when Kraken was born. This sleek vessel was inspired by another of the Swedish design company’s creation, their Vapour T sports car, an impressive motor that reaches 180 miles per hour.
Kraken by Gray Design

The yacht has been designed as a four-decked catamaran with accommodation in each hull. The owner’s deck and the captain’s house are raised and have the best panoramic views, thanks to a windscreen that functions as a skylight. The Kraken, named after a mythical giant sea monster said to be living in Norway and Greenland sea, boasts a large beach club and reception area at the aft of the yacht and a large space for a helipad at the bow. The top decking is large and is made of dark stained teak for a chic finish.

Kraken by Gray Design

Just like the Vapour T the metallic paintwork is offset by intense red highlights and chrome brightwork. This yacht and car duo would appeal to a moneyed boat and motor sport lover with a penchant for high speed. We’ll now have to wait and see whether it’ll ever be built.

Swedish Gray Design are the designers behind yacht concepts Xhibitionist and Fairwei.

Gray Design Kraken staircase