Russian designer, Max Zhivov unveils his latest concept project - Black Iceberg - which has been inspired by Scandinavia.

Although yacht designer, Max Zhivov has only visited Sweden once, he was so inspired by his trip that he designed Black Iceberg.

At 35-meters long, the boat has a top speed of 25 knots.

Like many of Zhivov’s designs, Black Iceberg boasts some green credentials.

Black Iceberg

On the upper surface of the superstructure, there are 32 square metres of solar panels.

“These are used as an additional source of energy to the traditional fuel,” explained Zhivov, who believes that “to live on water is one of the most exciting things”.

The yacht is made of carbon fibre.

“The main advantage of using carbon fibre in shipbuilding is a significant reduction of weight in comparison with steel, which means greater speed, cruising range and fuel efficiency,” explained the Russian designer.

“High strength material ensures excellent stability of the vessel to any weather conditions,” he added.

Black Iceberg

The striking design on the side of Black Iceberg aims to evoke ice.

“The inspiration for this concept was icebergs, Viking boats and the atmosphere of Scandinavian nature. The main idea of project is ‘broken surface’ so the sides of yacht look like ice blocks,” explained Zhivov.

Many of the designer’s other projects also play with shape and form.

MYBO, which was inspired by LEGO, is essentially six boats in one. Each can be modified to meet the needs of the owner, whether the vessel is for carrying cargo, for fishing or just to spend time with the family.

Black Iceberg

Inside, Black Icebeg is roomy.

Ther are two guest cabins and two master cabins, one located in the middle of the hull in all its width and the second located in the forepeak.

Crew cabins are located in the stern.

The saloon on the main deck contains the dining room and lounge area.