The Russian designer behind the Your Yacht Your Home concept, Max Zhivov has been speaking to YBW about his latest project.

The Your Yacht Your Home concept combines elements of architecture and luxury boat design.

Russian designer Max Zhivov, who trained as an architect, says his background in this field, helped him to create the futuristic looking superyacht.

“I usually try to bring some architectural details in yacht design,” he tells YBW. “And here, combining things like a classic gable roof house and a modern superyacht became a main idea of the project.”

See renders of Your Yacht Your Home below

Your Yacht Your Home, known as YYYH-40 m, does shake-up traditional superyacht designs. From the aft, the vessel looks like a small suburban home, while the bow has a more conventional feel.

Although still in its early stages, Zhivov believes that with advances in technology the concept will become a reality.

“As of now it is only a concept and a lot of detailed engineer work must be done. I don’t think it can appear soon. But, I believe that it can be realised in the near future,” he says.

The yacht is 40 metres long and 9.5 metres wide with a hull of steel. The upper part of the vessel is made of aluminium.

Special features include a pilothouse that can move inside the hull when the yacht is at anchor and a foredeck which can extend into a large lounge.

Zhivov is keen on designs which are both environmentally friendly and economical.

The designer recently unveiled his 60m superyacht concept, Sun Catcher, which has solar panels installed in the roof. The panels lay down vertically when the vessel is underway to avoid interference with Sun Catcher’s aerodynamics. At anchor, the panels position themselves to catch as much sun as possible.

With the Your Yacht Your Home concept, thin film solar panels completely cover the upper part of the vessel.

“I think nowadays economical operation becomes very important. Solar panels can afford independence. And if we can reduce consumption of fuel then less harm will be caused to the environment,” notes Zhivov.

The Your Yacht Your Home is aimed at those who will be living on board for long periods of time. Zhivov believes “it gives comfort of a cozy house, but also has the seaworthiness of a superyacht.”

The designer is currently working on a number of future projects, focusing on concepts for yachts between 10-20 metres.