The 55m glass yacht concept called SALT has been created by American designer Lujac Desautel

A stunning new glass yacht concept called SALT has been unveiled by American designer Lujac Desautel. The 55m vessel aims to redefine leisure sailing, providing a flexible and transparent environment for life aboard.


Taking inspiration from the Water Step Well in India, Philip Johnson’s Glass House and a 17th century Japanese Red Seal Ship, Desautel has come up with a unique design that connects sailors with the water.


With the glass sheets that make up the centre of the structure sliding away, this contemporary yacht design offers a very open living style.


Folding down steps that meet the water also make the vessel feel like she’s been built from the sea up.


Onboard, you’ll find a wealth of facilities, including five cabins, three dining rooms, several crew areas, cocktail bar and interior garden.


This isn’t the first time that Desautel’s designs have caught people’s attention, having been nominated for the 2014 Young Designer of the Year award by Boat International.


SALT is an environment of overlapping and transparent spaces, creating a playful and engaging relationship with the sea”, says Desautel.