Our newest contributors will be bringing their exotic sailing adventures to YBW every week

YBW is excited to be partnering with Followtheboat, YouTube’s oldest UK sailing channel. As the longest-running boating forum in the world, it feels like the perfect match.

In 2004, Jamie Furlong and Liz Cleere found SY Esper, their 1989 Oyster 435 cutter-rigged ketch, in a boatyard in Turkey. Their cat Millie jumped on board as they began their passage east through the Greek islands, Cyprus, Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Yemen, Oman, India, the Maldives, Malaysia and Thailand to Indonesia.

At the height of the action in 2010, Jamie, Liz and Millie transited ‘Pirate Alley’, then hand-steered across the Indian Ocean after lightning destroyed their autopilot and a steel fishing line broke their Windpilot. In SE Asia they ripped off the teak deck and refitted the boat. Now they are continuing the passage east towards Japan and Alaska, next stop Borneo.

Followtheboat is a weekly vlog and you can catch their latest episodes first right here on YBW. You can also read about their travels on their blog: followtheboat.com

Jamie and Liz told YBW: “We give a frank account of what we experience, keeping it both informal and educational. We love answering questions and chatting with viewers – if you want to know what it’s really like, or are considering that big leap into the cruising life, we hope our videos will help to inspire you. Peace and fair winds!”