From caravan boats and motor boat kite-sailing to the drill outboard and bicycle boats, are these the new ways to take to the water?


From a caravan that is also a boat to using your trusty drill to power your watercraft, here are some ingenious lengths people have gone to get out on the water.


The electric bicycle boat

Pedal power on the water…well, if it’s good enough for the America’s Cup team, Emirates New Zealand, it’s good enough for us!


The caravan boat

Does caravanning get any cooler? You would certainly make waves taking this amphibious caravan – the Sealander – out on the river for a weekend.


The drill paddle

When your engine fails but you still need to get out on the water…there’s always your trusty drill! Not sure how far you would get though with that battery pack!

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The drive on water prototype 

No boat…no problem! Turkish engineer Yusuf Kahvecioğlu has designed his Drive on Water prototype to open up boating to anyone with a car!


Motor boat kite-sailing

Engine problems suck all the fun out of a day on the water. Could this kite sail be the answer?



If all else fails, you can simply walk on water with a FloatSki (you also get a great workout to ease the guilt of overindulging at barbecues).