Thirty-six hours of three to four metre rollicking waves on the beam was just what we needed to wake us up after the tranquil Seribu archipelago

In this week’s episode we start off anchored next to a pencil dot of sand and rock surrounded by reef, then sail 180nm north east to Pulau Belitung in the Java Sea.

To be honest, we’re running out of superlatives for Indonesia and it’s going to be difficult to say which is our favourite place here.

The islands of western Sumatra were remote and untouched, Krakatoa was awe-inspiring, Jakarta was insane, the Thousand Islands enchanting and now Belitung looks like it will be a gentle haven.

We’ve heard that Indonesia was voted one of the safest places in the world for tourism and yet people still worry about coming here.

It’s a shame, because the country is like nowhere we’ve been in terms of the welcome we have received.

There’s something for everyone, from natural wonders to extraordinary and unique fauna, diverse cultures and an immense history, stunning beaches and clear blue water.

It is a country of seafarers so turning up in our boat has guaranteed smiles, gifts and curiosity. If you ever get the chance to sail here we say do it!