When buying a boat there are some key steps you should follow to make sure you get the perfect boat for your needs. Here you'll find Motor Boats Monthly's top tips to buying a boat.

Buying a boat advice: Demonstration and sea trial

It’s important to get a demonstration and sea trial when you’re looking to buy a boat. Two things are very rare with demonstrations or sea trials. One is to get a demo before an offer is made, the other is for the demo itself to uncover a potential deal breaker.

But there is much to take note of during a sea trial. Remember to look in the engine bay before and after the demo so you can check on leaks.

Engine and handing checks

  • Is the engine hitting max revs?
  • Is the performance of the boat as described?
  • Is there excessive smoke after the engine has warmed up?
  • Is there any obvious vibration?
  • Are the gearshifts and steering easy to use?
  • Does the navigation equipment work (surveyors will not check electronics)

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