The sun is breaking through the clouds and winter has finally released its grip on Britain – meaning there’s no better time to start preparing for the new boating season. We’ve rounded up some tips to get you set for the sailing season

Spring is officially here and it’s time to get the boat ready for some serious sailing. We’ve rounded up some tips to make sure you are set for the boating months ahead.

1) Inspect your boat thoroughly and rectify any problems you spot. Following the recent high winds, it’s important to check everything is working properly.

2) Create a plan of the key DIY jobs that need completing and aim to do at least one a week.

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3) Clean your boat from bow to stern and air it out thoroughly. Just like a home, all boats need a good spring clean once a year.

4) Get your boat’s engine serviced – the last thing you want is it cutting out when you’re halfway down the Thames.

5) Stock the fridge and cupboards with necessary items.

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6) Update your boat’s chartplotter using the wifi at home. Trying to use 3G onboard the boat will be much slower.

7) Make sure you have all the required safety equipment on board and that it’s in good working order. Make sure you inspect your life jacket and whether it needs servicing. The RNLI says: “Get your lifejackets serviced annually, just like your engine. If your engine fails you’ll bob around, if your lifejacket fails you won’t.”

8) Make a plan of all the sailing or cruising you intend to do this season. Even if you don’t tick everything off, it’ll motivate you to get out on the water in the first place.

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9) Finally, make sure you enjoy your boat. Don’t waste time doing jobs that aren’t necessary, get out on the water!