If you think cruising is strictly a summer pursuit then international cameraman and programme-maker Dylan Winter is on a mission to change your mind.

How many of us are now thinking about winterising our boats rather than where we might go cruising this winter?

Well, cameraman and programme-maker, Dylan Winter, is on a mission to sell winter cruising to boaters in the UK.

He is turning a “unique” wintering experience at Mylor Yacht Harbour, near Falmouth, Cornwall aboard his 26-foot yacht into a series of films.

Winter hopes this will encourage other sailors to follow suit.

“I live about a hundred days of the year aboard, winter or summer when the weather’s good, and I sail all around the British Isles, but I’ve never come across a better marina than Mylor,” stated Winter.

Dylan Winter is trying to persuade more boaters to try winter cruising

Credit: Dylan Winter

“It’s the very best: brilliant facilities, great places to eat and really lovely staff who genuinely care about people and boats. The shower block is second to none, the pontoons are in excellent condition – plus, Mylor is amazingly mild and sheltered and the surrounding waters and coast are absolutely beautiful,” he added.

Winter found his way to Mylor Yacht Harbour halfway through a voyage around the UK, after he arrived in Falmouth to trade up his 22-foot yacht for the 26-foot Westerly Centaur “Lily M”.

“I wanted to spend a winter in the Fal-Helford area and I’ve always wanted to watch the local sail-only fishing fleet working the Carrick Roads through the winter months at first hand,” explained Winter, who goes cruising with his wife, Jill.

Dylan Winter is trying to persuade more boaters to try winter cruising

Oyster fishing. Credit: Dylan Winter

“Winter sailing is wonderful,” continued the cameraman.

“The creeks are clear of moored boats, the light is low and beautiful, you can pick up an empty mooring anywhere. At the end of a lovely winter day sailing I scuttle back to my pontoon, plug in the boat and settle down with the fan heater going, good internet connection, good malt whisky, interesting book – what could be nicer?” he asks.

Dylan Winter is trying to persuade more boaters to try winter cruising

Trees during the winter. Credit: Dylan Winter

The Mylor winter has provided this former globe-trotting BBC cameraman with inspirational material for several films which he will be editing over the coming winter for his sailing blog, Keep Turning Left.

He has just completed a trailer of his winter experiences at Mylor and the surrounding waters.

Dylan Winter is trying to persuade more boaters to try winter cruising

Winter sun at Mylor Yacht Harbour. Credit: Dylan Winter

The marina manager at Mylor, Culum Matheson, said the yacht harbour has a vibrant winter community.

“It was fantastic to have Dylan spending so much time with us – and spreading the word about the joys of a winter here at Mylor Yacht Harbour,” he commented.

“We get an amazing winter ‘community’ on our pontoons – whether people are actually staying on board their boats, or renting holiday cottages here and day sailing or learning to sail,” continued Matheson.

“I can never understand why more people don’t keep their boats in the water and grab those golden chances of mild winter sailing which we’re lucky to get so much of here,” he added.

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