Neil Salter has been named as the new managing director of Mylor Yacht Harbour in Cornwall. He will replace Robert Graffy who has stepped down.

12 August

Mylor Yacht Harbour has announced that its new managing director will be Neil Salter.

He will replace Roger Graffy, who has stepped down after 20 years in the role.

Salter has spent the last 18 years working with Marina Development Limited (MDL), managing some of the largest marinas and their related operations in the UK.

He has also set up marinas in Spain and Italy and has consulted widely within the industry.

Devon-born Salter has now moved to Cornwall from Southampton to head up the state-of-the-art marine business.

Roger Graffy and Neil Slater of Mylor Yacht Harbour

Neil Salter (right) will replace Roger Graffy as managing director


Mylor Yacht Harbour has been built up by Graffy after he took the helm two decades ago.

Spotting its huge potential, he and his co-owner, wife Dinah, set about a £7 million investment programme to establish one of Cornwall’s busiest boatyards and marinas.

They aimed to match Mylor’s fabric and infrastructure to its natural environment.

Speaking following his appointment, Salter said: “This is a golden chance I couldn’t miss – a chance to use all my years of experience in the marine field, working with a fantastic team and building on Roger’s great legacy – all in one of the most beautiful parts of the British Isles.”

Nearly 100 people applied for the position.

Graffy explained while Salter was “the dream candidate”.

“We needed someone who would share our values and was capable of building and growing the business and all the people in it,” said Graffy, who will remain as chairman and, with Dinah, will continue to own the company.

“We also wanted to find someone who was better than me – and I’m delighted to announce that such a person exists!” he continued.

“Neil believes in building great teams, delivering excellent customer service, developing sites, working safely and maximising financial performance – all of which makes him our dream candidate for the job,” concluded Graffy.

Salter will be in overall charge of all Mylor Yacht Harbour’s operations.

This includes its marine team of engineers, technicians and boat-builders, its boat storage and marina activities and developments.


21 April

The search is on for a new managing director of Mylor Yacht Harbour in Cornwall.

Roger Graffy has announced he is stepping down from the post. Although he will be less involved in the day to day management of the company, he will still remain as chairman and owner.

Graffy. who had a childhood passion for the sea and boats, spent 20 years and millions in investment turning Mylor Yacht Harbour into a thriving, state of the art marine business.

He and his wife, Dinah bought Mylor Yacht Harbour in 1997 after recognising its potential.

Mylor’s enormous natural charm had made it a draw for the yachting community from the 1960s and 200 years earlier it was England’s smallest naval dockyard in one of the world’s most strategic ports.

The husband and wife team set about a £7 million investment programme “to establish one of Cornwall’s busiest boatyards and marina – matching the fabric and infrastructure of this Cornish gem to its incomparable natural environment. Their vision – and investment to date – has enabled the creation of a modern marina and onshore facilities, securing the preservation of the historic buildings, landscape and working traditions for future generations,” said a press release from the company.

Recent shore-side development has seen the building of a new yacht club, café and shops, shower blocks and a new marina office – counterbalanced with the demolition of the dilapidated old yacht club in order to save and protect the Grade II Listed Quay on which it stood.

“This has been a hugely rewarding project and a big part of my life,” says Graffy. “It’s taken all the energy of our fantastic team of 45 and support from the whole community including berth-holders, customers, fishermen, local council and holidaymakers. We’ve continued to thrive and expand the yard with our Marine Team of expert craftsmen and technicians who have the world-class skills to match any vessel – ancient or modern.”

One of Graffy’s proudest achievements with his team was realising a dream to build the first new classic wooden Falmouth Sunbeam yachts in 20 years – built in the Mylor sheds on exactly the same lines as their 90-year-old sisters.

“I’m about to turn 60 and Mylor has occupied my energies and enthusiasm for the past 20 years,” says Graffy, “so I think it is a good time to hand the helm to someone brilliant with the vision to keep this wonderful business and way of life growing and thriving into the future.”