Altricia was the centrepiece of this year's London Boat Show following a three year restoration. Now the yacht is back at Mylor Yacht Harbour after an arson attack.

It took three years to restore Altricia to its former glory.

Now, the classic yacht, which drew thousands at this year’s London Boat Show, is undergoing more restoration work at Mylor Yacht Harbour after falling victim to arsonists.

The McGruer 8 metre Cruiser-Racer was in storage when it suffered serious heat damage and blistering to its starboard side.

It was being stored adjacent to a hay-barn in Gloucester which was set alight deliberately.

Police are now investigating the arson.

Altricia sea trials in Carrick Roads

Altricia undergoing sea trials in Carrick Roads. Credit: Hugh Hastings


The owner of Altricia, Peter Methven OBE said the whole incident had been very upsetting.

“It was all very distressing, especially after all the time and work which I and the fantastic Mylor team put into restoring this beautiful boat, that she should be the victim of mindless vandals who, the police believe, will almost certainly never be caught,” he said.

Altricia drew in thousands of visitors from across the world during the ten-day London Boat Show in January.

Many fell in love with the 50-year-old yacht’s classic lines, gleaming mahogany finish, shining stainless steel and state-of-the-art equipment.

Methven said he was confident the yacht can be fully restored for a second time.

“Altricia has been fully surveyed since the fire – and the main thing now is that the experts at Mylor Yacht Harbour know her so well and they know exactly what needs to be done to bring her back to the perfect state she was in for the boat show,” he said.

Altricia press day London Boat Show

Altricia attracts admiring glances at the London Boat Show


Since arriving back at Mylor Yacht Harbour, members of the marine team have removed all the varnish from Altricia’s starboard side, coach-roof and trunking – of which they had applied eight layers just last year.

They have repaired severe damage to her topside planking, the varnish is being re-applied and the cracked starboard windows replaced so that once again she is nearing her original immaculate condition.

Marine team project manager, Henry Goldsmith said: “This has been a real shame for Peter and our team who have invested so much energy into Altricia and her restoration.”

He continued: “Peter certainly hoped to be sailing her in the waters off Mylor this summer and thanks to the work we’ve been putting into this second restoration – he very soon will be!”

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