At the end of each year, most of us have a list of resolutions which get promptly shelved as soon as the new year starts. These 10 New Year's resolutions are practical and achievable. Why not give them a go?

1 – Spend more time on your boat

man at sea on boat



We all want to spend as much time as possible on boats but sometimes life gets in the way. Take a look at your monthly or yearly calendar in advance and book in time on your boats on those days and weekends when you have nothing already planned. Talk to your local yacht club about events and make sure you attend.


2 – Do more maintenance

man cleaning boat

It’s more fun to cruise and sail than to apply antifouling, let’s be honest, but boat checks and maintenance are essential, so make sure you do them and get friends and family to help you, in return for a glorious day out on your boat.


3 – Visit the place of your dreams

island in the Caribbean

We all have that place we’ve always wanted to sail to. It doesn’t have to be remote and exotic, it can simply be a beautiful local spot. Make sure 2019 is the year you visit the place of your dreams.


4 – Learn new skills


Join a local club, buy yourself a boating guide, speak to other sailors and boaters and swap skills. You’ll get better at boating and feel a great sense of achievement.


5 – Help to keep beaches and waters clean

plastic bottles, glass and other rubbish pollution on a beach

Credit: Commons

Why not volunteer a few times and help to pick up rubbish from the beach or the sea? A clean environment benefits everyone.


6 – Share your love of boating with non boaters

two people on a boat

Why not take your loved ones who may not quite share your passion, on a day trip out or teach them a few skills, so that they can enjoy boating as much as you do? Sharing is caring!


7 – Try a different type of boating

sailing on a catamaran

You love motor boats but perhaps you’ve never sailed? Why not expand your horizons and try something new!


8 – Make sure you are always safe and others are too

life jacket on dry land

Safety on boats is hugely important. If you have sometimes forgotten to wear your life jacket, not checked the tides, had that extra beer or haven’t done the appropriate boat maintenance, make sure this changes and safety becomes a priority in 2019.


9 – Enjoy a trip on the boat of your dreams

Princess V60 exterior

OK, not everyone has the chance to sail on the Maltese Falcon, but if there’s a boat you’ve always loved, why not try to go on a test drive? If a friend owns that Princess you’ve always coveted, ask them nicely to take you on a day trip, and perhaps even let you drive. The worse that can happen is that they’ll say no.


10 – Cruise to a place you’d never think you’d go to

Norway in Winter

Perhaps your ideal trip is to the Caribbean in 30 degrees heat. That’s absolutely fine, but why not try something different, such as winter boating? You may discover a whole new passion and lots of different places you never thought existed.