Quiet and efficient, the Trondheim 40 Trawler has been designed by the Russian Max Zhivov, who is known for creating boats with green credentials

Designed for extended voyages and rough weather, the Trondheim 40 Trawler is being billed as the world’s first electric powered trawler.

This innovative design should come as no surprise to those who are fans of the Russian designer, Max Zhivov.

Known for his green credentials, Zhivov’s previous vessels have included Black Iceberg, which has 32 square metres of solar panels on the upper surface of the superstructure, and the 47 metre Sky Ya, a semi-displacement hybrid motor yacht which also uses solar technology.

“The main idea of our project Trondheim Trawler is a revision of classic trawler design and usage of innovative electric technologies,” explained Zhivov, who believes this is the first trawler to be designed with an electric motor.

Max Zhivov Trondheim 40 Trawler

He said the preserving the ocean environment for future generations was a key priority both for him and the company he designed the vessel for – Trondheim Trawlers.

“First of all we decided to analyse what the main requirements for the boat was and we decided that efficiency and ecology were the main (requirements),” said Zhivov.

“So in our project we put the preservation of nature in first place. It is important for us to understand that that careful preservation of nature can give a chance to save it for future generations,” stressed the designer.

Max Zhivov’s LEGO inspired boat design 


The trawler is 40-foot long and has a steel hull.

Max Zhivov Trondheim 40 Trawler

“It is designed for extended voyages, where conditions may exceed wind force 8 and significant wave heights of 4 metres and above, but excluding abnormal conditions,” explained Zhivov.

It is powered by two Torqeedo electric motors.

“We installed two Deep Blue i 1400 rpm electric motors and two 64 Kwh big capacity batteries; this installation will allow you have six hours just electric motor ride in total quiet like on a sailing yacht,” said Zhivov.

Max Zhivov’s Your Yacht Your Home concept

It has also been designed with two Torqeedo 25 kwh high voltage generators  “for better reliability.”

Max Zhivov Trondheim 40 Trawler

“The boat has A class power efficiency. This means we have +30% longer range with the same fuel storage as other 40 feet trawlers. Two 25 kw generators supply on board electronics for high level comfort: heater, conditioner, so you will feel comfort all day and night,” explained Zhivov.

The Trondheim 40 Trawler is designed to go into shallow and icy waters, like Alaska or the Norwegian fjords.

Zhivov said the vessel, which can accommodaate up to six people on board, also has other advantages  like bigger storage spaces because of the small size of the electric motors.