Sally and Mark might have finished boating, but what better way to travel back than in the lap of luxury

With the boat back on the trailer, it’s time to head home. After a day on the water, you’re normally a bit wet and salty, and when it comes to trailboating, there’s also sand and mud to add into the mix. Mark and I were really grateful for the large boot of the Discovery 4, which provided ample space for our wet boots and foulies, so we could slip into the front seats in our warm, dry clothes. The interior of the Discovery 4 is so comfy and slick that you wouldn’t want to ruin it with soggy or dirty out layers anyway. There’s plenty of leg room too, and the new electric front leather seat option with armrests, available on the mid-range XS model upwards, is a good touch. Meanwhile, 8-speed auto transmission, drive select, New Generation 2.1 in-car entertainment options, including say-what-you-see voice control, all add up to make a great driving experience.

And it doesn’t just impress on the inside either. Outside it comes in six new colours for 2011: Fuji White, Baltic Blue Firenze Red, Aintree Green, Baltic Blue and Siberian Silver, and you can also opt to have LED signature lamps with halogen headlamps.

You’d be hard pushed to find a more versatile vehicle to tackle the most challenging of off-road conditions, especially one with extra towing options for more remote regions. It also delivers superb on-road refinement to rival even the best executive saloons.

The Discovery 4 offered a smooth ride back to Weymouth, where we dropped our Cove Fisher 560 off, thanks in no small part to its 3.0 SDV6 sequential turbo diesel engine, which provides ultra- high efficiency and brings the Discovery 4 in line with EU5 compliance emissions regulations.

Once home, the High Beam Assist allows you to programme the car to recognise the frequencies of the transmitters on your garage doors and gates. Just one press of a button means you can glide through and park up.

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