An alligator chomps on a boat, a squirrel goes waterskiing and a goose causes some trouble in our round up of the best water-faring animals.

We’ve picked our ten favourite animal boating videos from swimming pigs to a dolphin meeting a cat, a penguin escaping a shark attack and waterskiing monkeys!

Read more about the
flying carp attack that inspired this top ten list.

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Dog goes tubing
  3. 3. Cat takes leap of faith
  4. 4. Pigs go for a swim
  5. 5. Cat plays with dolphin
  6. 6. Penguin evades death
  7. 7. A waterskiing...squirrel?!
  8. 8. Crazy Goose
  9. 9. Monkeys waterskiing
  10. 10. Alligator attacks boat
  11. 11. Whale crushes yacht
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