25ft yacht ran aground at the top of the tide.

The skipper of local yacht Kate had misjudged his entry back in to the River Brue on
Wednesday morning, and run aground at the top of the tide.

Realising the
succeeding tide was probably the only chance of early recovery from a
potentially hazardous lee shore, Burnham’s RNLI volunteers delayed their
Wednesday evening training launch until 9.30 pm.

they reached the yacht, it was already partially afloat, and after a short
wait, the crew of Staines Whitfield, were able to take Kate in
tow and delivered her safely to the sailing club pontoons.

lifeboats returned to Burnham for recovery and wash-down, which was completed
by 11.05 pm.

Lifeboat Operations Manager Ricky Holmes said; ‘Although not in immediate danger,
the yacht was in a potentially hazardous location. We were happy to assist.’