Luxury yachts have always been head turners, but now car manufacturers such as Aston Martin and Ferrari are getting in on the game by entering the high end yacht market

Sleek lines, attention to detail, bespoke leather and chrome fittings, and an engine which throws the small of your back into your seat – we all love the idea of getting behind the wheel of a luxury car.

But now the same experience is available on the water, with many car manufacturers entering the luxury yacht market. Which one would you most like to sip champagne on?


Autoboot Audi A4 Cabriolet Motor Boat

Autoboot Audi Cabriolet Motor Boat

Shipyard AutoBoot, based in The Netherlands, presented this impressive motor boat, based on the Audi A4 Cabriolet car, at this year’s Boot Dusseldorf .
This one off boat effectively looks like a car with a hull. It boasts a fully automatic convertible roof top, leather interior, front seat heating, electric windows, a Bose sound system and a Honda 150 HP outboard engine.


Bugatti Niniette 66

A render of a luxury car and yacht

The Bugatti Niniette 66 and the Chiron supercar side by side

Stylish and chic – which is what you would expect from a French designer – the Bugatti Niniette 66 was inspired by the most powerful, the fastest, the most luxurious and the most exclusive production super sports car – the Chiron.

The motor yacht’s distinctive slender main hull with two sponsons left and right will certainly draw attention as you cruise along the beautifully picturesque French Rivera.

Pictures: Bugatti’s new luxury sport yacht – Niniette 66

The naturally blue morta oak wooden deck is in the identical shade used on the Chiron, giving it a classy, authoritative look.

A champagne bar runs down the middle of the lower part of the deck, where cocktails can be sipped underneath balmy skies.

The fire pit and spa pool on the new Bugatti Niniette 66

And if you seek out bespoke features, then you’ll love the firepit, centrally located between the spa pool and the two forward seats.

As expected, polished metal, carbon, leather and marble are used throughout the yacht…making it one of the most luxurious motor yachts on the market.


Aston Martin AM37

Aston Martin AM37

Aston conjures up images of a certain English MI6 spy, quality British craftsmanship and bespoke design.

And the AM37 powerboat is certainly no exception, causing quite a stir when the day cruiser was unveiled in 2016 at one of Europe’s most luxurious and iconic locations – Monaco.

Who wouldn’t feel a million dollars cruising on this powerboat? The attention to detail means even the handles in the cockpit are made from the finest leather.

Pictures: Aston Martin AM37 makes US debut

There are polished metal throttle handles and joysticks, and the finest wood has been used above and below deck giving it a classic and luxurious feel.

Aston Martin AM37

It wouldn’t be an Aston Martin unless it could deliver under the hood, and the AM37 sport version, with twin 520 hp Mercury petrol engines, promises a top speed of 50 knots.

Thrill seekers will love speeding across Lake Garda before anchoring to soak up the Italian scenery while sipping a vodka martini – shaken not stirred.


Jaguar speedboat concept

The concept speedboat designed by the British car company, Jaguar

Jaguar has a solid racing heritage and this is reflected in the British luxury car manufacturer’s foray into the world of bespoke speedboats.

Originally launched to promote the Jaguar XF Sportbrake, the speedboat has Jaguar DNA all over it, with seductive lines and opulent luxury.

The concept speedboat has a gel coat fibreglass hull finished on top with a natural teak decking. This is split by a carbon fibre fin, inspired by the iconic Jaguar D-Type.

Speed and beauty were certainly a priority for the designers.

The aft view of a concept speedboat from Jaguar

The front of the boat flows seamlessly into the screen and the red 2+1 cabin follows the sporting character of Jaguar cars.

Jaguar Cars’ heritage is also subtly recognised with fuel filler caps inspired by the Series 1 XJ.

A polished aluminium propeller and pop-up mooring post imitates how the boat could be powered and docked respectively.


Lancia di Lancia

Lancia di Lancia in Venice

Credit: SACS

Launched in the glamorous surroundings of the Venice Film Festival in 2009, the Lancia di Lancia is the first true Gran Turismo of the seas.

Designed by the Italian SACS Marine, it has aristocratic elegance which is complemented by its strong and sporty performance.

Expect heads to turn while cruising the Grand Canal – this boat certainly stands out among the stunning classical Venetian architecture.

The Lancia di Lancia is also convertible, with an electric capote and shell shaped windscreen.

With its 1120 CV Fiat Powertrain engine, it is easy to escape the crowds to a secluded spot.  Two sun pads mean you can relax in comfort and luxury, while down below, a dinette with table allows you to enjoy a romantic supper.

The dinette can be converted simply into a double berth cabin for overnight stays in private bays.

SACS Marine has designed other customised boats for luxury car manufacturers including the 8-metre Jaguar XT8 and the Sacs-Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari tender.


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Riva Ferrari 32

A red Riva Ferrari speeds

Credit: Cymon Taylor

How many of us dream of driving a Ferrari along the sunny Italian Rivera living la dolce vita? The Riva Ferrari 32 satisfies this desire – but on the water.

Only 30 of these Formula 1 speedboats were built, meaning owners are part of an extremely exclusive club.

Powered by Twin 390hp V-8 BPM Vulcano 400 engines, other key features include a cuddy cabin and a automotive-style helm station – ideal for intimate gatherings and assignations.

The prancing horse Ferrari badge

Credit: Cymon Taylor

The carbon-fibre spoiler and the bright red colour will certainly turn heads in any marina or port….. as much as the prancing horse on the badge.

And this luxury 1990 speedboat needn’t break the bank. One was listed at Sotheby’s with a reserve price of £135,000 in January 2016.


Mercedes-Benz ARROW460-Granturismo

Motor yacht by Mercedes Benz

With a chic silver finish, the ARROW 460-Granturismo seduces with its emotive design and exquisite materials.

A collaboration between Mercedes Benz and the Monaco-based Silver Arrows Marine, this 14-metre motor yacht is truly unique, from its concept to the smallest bespoke detail.

For €2.5 million, plus taxes, you could be cruising the Côte d’Azur.

Video: Experience the Mercedes Benz’s ‘Silver Arrow of the Seas’

You will be able to let the onboard automation Domotic system with integrated navigation take control while you drink a vintage year from the built-in chilled wine cabinet.

Perfect for entertaining, it comes with a JBL by Harman® and BOSE® Sound system. Up to 10 guests can relax on the nubuck leather seating.

All the interior wood is 3D veneer eucalyptus, giving it a warm, inviting experience down below.

A cleat on a motor yacht

The tiniest bespoke detail – like this cleat – makes the motor yacht a modern classic

Launched to coincide with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet, the ARROW 460-Granturismo promises a top speed of 38 knots.

For those who can afford to fulfil their desire, the Granturismo Experience is now available in the luxurious Monte Carlo.

Invited guests can experience a “truly gran turismo journey”, on land by Mercedes-Benz cars and on sea by Mercedes, the name of the first Silver Arrows Marine motor yacht.

Afterwards, channel your inner James Bond and a try a few hands of baccarat at the Casino de Monte-Carlo.


Lexus V8

Side view of the concept speedboat from Lexus

Credit: John Linn

A premium performance yacht, although sadly not one you will get your hands on!

This purely concept motor yacht has a wonderfully sleek design, with curves to satisfy any aficionado.

The Lexus V8 is made of hand-laid Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) –  usually used in the construction of race cars and road-going supercars such as the Lexus LFA, as well as for high-performance aircraft and world-class racing yachts.

All this guarantees a smooth ride for any thrill seeker.

A couple enjoy the sun on their faces on board a motor yacht

Credit: John Linn

Powered by twin 5.0-litre V8 petrol engines, it can reach speeds of up to 43 knots – so you can outpace most other yachts cruising along the Amalfi coast.

Luxurious leather, wood and glass is used throughout the lavish interior, which includes a suite, galley and seating for six.

Pictures: Lexus reveals its first sport yacht concept

For those who enjoy an exclusive party scene, the Lexus V8 has one of the most bespoke entertainment systems around.

Videoworks of Italy has created a fully networked, integrated audio and video entertainment system, with 4G, WiFi and WAN.

Sound reproduction is by Revolution Acoustics surface-mounted drivers using the ceiling panel as a transducer, powered by a Mark Levinson Reference digital amplifier.

Get the party started!


Skoda VisionSea

The sport yacht concept from Skoda

Described as a “razor-sharp, 10-metre-long water bullet”, the Skoda VisionSea is unique and bespoke.

The hybrid motor yacht certainly set pulses racing when it was launched in 2015.

For those who yearn to explore remote locations, the Skoda VisionSea has an impressive 980 nautical mile range.

It combines a 180 HP (132 kW) turbocharged gasoline engine with a 270 HP (198 kW) electric motor.

For those who crave practicality, the power yacht has an array of ‘Simply Clever’ solutions to impress.

There are lifejacket holders under the seats, and standard on-board equipment includes, among other things, a height-adjustable leather steering wheel, two stainless steel bottle holders for 1.5-litre bottles, and an extra storage pocket for your tablet device.

The pivotal water-ski hooks are also outrageously practical.

From the bridge, the hooks can be released, extended and retracted again at the touch of a button. This means that nothing will slide around come high speeds or waves – and to make doubly sure, you will also have special cargo elements and anti-slip mats at your disposal.

The specially designed sun visor, coupled with an anti-dust chamois, ensures that you will always have a clear view when out on the water.

The green-lacquered yacht is, as expected, reminiscent of Skoda cars.

The line of the cabin windows rising gently towards the rear are clearly inspired by Skoda’s coupés.

All the surfaces culminate in three-dimensional sculptures, giving the boat its independent and powerful character.

The striking tapered bow is somewhat reminiscent of a shark.