Bugatti is the latest luxury car manufacturer to dip its toes into the yacht market, with the sporty Niniette 66

Luxury sports car manufacturer Bugatti has teamed up with motor yacht builder, Palmer Johnson to create the Bugatti Niniette 66.

This will be the first in a new series of yachts, which will start from 50-foot and go up to 80-foot.

The sport yacht is inspired by the Bugatti Chiron sports car, which was launched by the company in March 2016.

Bugatti and Palmer Johnson first met in 2015 to discuss the idea of a joint project to create an innovative sport yacht.

The Niniette 66 alongside the Bugatti Chiron

The Bugatti Niniette 66 and the Chiron supercar side by side

After the first renderings of the yacht were presented in late 2015, a large number of potential buyers – among them several current Bugatti owners – expressed great interest in the project.

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However, the designers wanted the yacht to have a “closer connection” to the Chiron supercar, so went back to the drawing board and eventually created the Bugatti Niniette 66.

The 20-metre-long motor yacht features Palmer Johnson’s innovative hull design, combining a slender main hull with two sponsons left and right.

A render of a motor yacht by Bugatti

Aft view

These are designed to have a positive effect on stability and roll dampening even at high speeds.

The extensive use of carbon fibre also adds to the yacht’s structural rigidity, while at the same time reducing weight and increasing efficiency.

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The Bugatti Niniette 66 features a spacious open deck, with carbon fibre, leather and naturally blue morta oak wood as the dominating elements.

The lower part of the deck houses a combined Jacuzzi, sun pad and champagne bar in the middle, flanked by two social areas on the side.

Render of the deck of the Bugatti Niniette 66

The open plan deck even features a fire pit

There is also a fire pit, centrally located between the Jacuzzi and the two forward seats.

Below deck, there is a spacious lounge, with polished metal, carbon, leather and marble.

Centrepiece is the large Bugatti horseshoe overlooking the generous seating area. A macaron-shaped window in the ceiling allows for plenty of natural light.


Render of a bedroom on board a sport yacht

The Niniette 66 can comfortably accommodate two for the night

Adjacent to the salon, the master suite is equipped with a double-bed.

As is customary with Bugatti, customers can choose from a myriad of options in terms of colours, materials and finishes for both the exterior and interior.

The Niniette 66 is expected to reach a top speed of 44-knots, and the Palmer Johnson super slim main hull promises higher speeds with lower input power and fuel burn.

The cockpit of the Bugatti Niniette 66 motor yacht

The sporty looking cockpit

Interestingly, this isn’t Bugatti’s first foray into the world of boat building.

In 1930, it was commissioned to create a one-of-a kind speedboat by Prince Carlo Maurizio Ruspoli.

The founder of Bugatti, Ettore Bugatti named this low on the water beauty the Niniette – the family pet name of his youngest daughter Lidia.