New technology offers a close-up of the America's Cup sailing action

Coverage of the next America’s Cup and its upcoming preliminary races will incorporate a whole raft of technological tricks. The America’s Cup plans to use athletes’ view cameras and on-board microphones in a bid to bring viewers so close to the action they can almost feel the water.

It is thought that the new approach will open up the excitement of sailing to a whole new audience – perhaps prompting them to enquire about corporate sailing events closer to home. The coverage will give viewers a real feel for what it is like to be out there in the water – hearing decisions being made and the sea splashing against the vessel. Plans are also afoot to deliver breakthrough graphics on what is happening in the water live from a helicopter.

Richard Worth, chairman of the America’s Cup Event Authority (ACEA), said: “Extreme sport lovers will flock to this new America’s Cup because of the broadcast. From heart-pounding manoeuvres at breakneck speeds to capsizes that result in two-story falls for the athletes, viewers will not just see the action, they will feel like they are in it.”

Stan Honey, director of technology, ACEA, said: “The America’s Cup has always pushed the technology envelope throughout its history. Previous America’s Cup broadcasts have featured graphics on an animated view of the race. This next step in the evolution is intended to allow broadcasters to use graphic elements to explain the sport, while enabling viewers to simultaneously see the live action of the race.”

The America’s Cup World Series begins this summer and includes 16 regattas around the world.