Icom has a range of products suitable for the commercial marine environment. From base stations for co-ordinating marine traffic from shore to repeaters for extending operating range and full systems for super yachts, there's something for everyone.

Icom IC-F110MIcom IC-F110M
Base Station
This base station is perfect for organisations that wish to communicate with vessels from the shore. The IC-F110M is also a useful back up for voluntary organisations such as National Coast Watch during offshore emergencies.

Icom IC-FR3100Icom IC-FR3100 Repeater Series
The compact, sophisticated IC-FR3100/FR4100 repeater series will instantaneously re-transmit received audio without any noticeable delay and extend the operating range of a radio scheme even further.

Icom IC-GM1600EIcom IC-GM1600E
GMDSS Survival Craft 2-Way VHF Radio
The IC-GM1600E Marine VHF handheld is engineered to survive and function in the extreme environmental conditions common in marine emergencies and brings the latest Search and Rescue technology to the marketplace.

Icom IC-M90EIcom IC-M90E
VHF Marine Transceiver
The IC-M90E is two radios in one rugged package. The transceiver is a full-featured waterproof VHF marine radio with easy access to all marine frequencies… and with a touch of a button it becomes a professional-grade, PMR transceiver.

Icom Onboard Commercial SolutionsIcom Onboard Commercial Solutions
New approved onboard VHF communication solutions
Icom’s UHF communications solution is designed for super yachts and large commercial vessels. Based on their existing commercial radio products, the IC-F25 UHF Handheld Transceiver or IC-F61 waterproof UHF Handheld Transceiver provide onboard radio communications where UHF marine frequencies are used.