For vessels with battery power, a fixed radio is a good choice. Icom's range of fixed or mounted radios are easy to use and stylish in design. All our range of VHF/DSC units meet or in the case of the IC-M505 exceed IPX7 waterproofing.

ICOM DS-100Icom DS-100
VHF DSC controller and watchkeeping receiver
The DS-100 is an independent VHF DSC Class D controller with built-in Ch 70 watch keeping receiver. The DS-100 is vertically orientated, it has been designed to match traditional marine instrumentation and blend with other elements of a vessels control panel.

Icom IC-F110MIcom IC-F110M
Base Station
This base station is perfect for any organisations that wish to communicate with vessels from the shore. Its applications are varied and can be used for marshalling races and coordinating marina and harbour traffic to name but a few.

Icom IC-M401Icom IC-M401
Compact Submersible Fixed VHF Transceiver
Compact in size and easy to use, the IC-M401 is ideal for anyone new to marine radio, anyone that wants to upgrade to a DSC solution at a later date or anyone wanting a waterproof transceiver where space is at a premium.

Icom IC-M421Icom IC-M421
Combined DSC/VHF VHF Marine Transceiver
Compact in size and easy to use, the IC-M421 Combined DSC/VHF Transceiver is ideal for pleasure craft, small commercial fishing boats or any user that require Class D DSC equipped radio for next April’s EU rule changes.

Icom IC-M505Icom IC-M505
VHF/DSC Marine Transceiver
The IC-M505 VHF/DSC marine transceiver and its optional Commandmic HM-162 is inspired by the design of the popular IC-M503E, and provides unrivalled features and performance.

Icom IC-M603Icom IC-M603
VHF/DSC Marine Transceiver
The IC-M603 provides unrivalled features and performance. The optional HM-162 allows for full remote control of all built-in Class D DSC functions, as well as intercom and other remote functionality including foghorn and a loud hailer.