Icom marine radios play an important communication role aboard the Portsmouth Harbour Patrol's (PHP) two jetskis.

The team uses a combination of Icom fixed and handheld marine radios. Both jetskis have an IC-M421 installed, which is integrated to a GPS unit. In addition, the Harbour Patrol uses IC-M71 handheld marine radios.
Neil Farnham-Smith, Personal Watercraft Section Manager said, ‘The radios are vital for contact with the Harbour control and play an important role. Effective use of VHF radios is essential when ascertaining what the problem is and what assistance is required and then to be able to report that information back to Harbour Control.’
Asked about the performance of the radios, Neil said, ‘The radios are great. IC-M421s have performed very well. Not only are they subjected daily to a large amount of spray when the craft are in use, but they are also stored outside with the radios facing upwards collecting spray and rain.’
Neil went on to say, ‘The radios are the most important piece of equipment we have after the jetskis themselves. On behalf of the Harbour Patrol I’d like to express my thanks to Icom UK who have always been a solid supporter of the Portsmouth Harbour Patrol. The radios they have donated have performed faultlessly.’