The IC-M423GE (formerly the IC-M423G) and the IC-M400BBE (formerly the IC-M400BB) slot back into Icom’s fixed marine VHF line up. Both models are almost identical to their predecessors except that they now feature an integrated GPS and an external GPS antenna to meet the latest ITU-R M493-14 regulations.

Both of these radios have been firm favourites with many of commercial and leisure marine users and the reintroduction of them also means that Icom’s HM-195CMI Multi-Station Commandmic Interface is back allowing owners and users the option of controlling the IC-M423GE and IC-M400BBE with a pair of remote Commandmics.

The new radios also complement Icom’s current range of fixed marine VHF range which now looks like this:

  • For those who want an extremely compact, straightforward and easy to use VHF/DSC for their boat, choose the Icom IC-M330GE VHF DSC.
  • For those who want a compact radio with advanced functions and dual station control with the optional Icom Commandmic, choose the IC-M423GE.
  • If space is an issue and you have no space for a radio on your console, choose the advanced IC-M400BBE that can be hidden out of sight in a storage compartment and controlled by an Icom Commandmic.
  • For those customers looking for a VHF/DSC radio with integrated AIS receiver and advanced features including two minutes ‘last call’ voice recording function, noise-cancelling and dual station control with an optional Icom Commandmic, choose the Icom IC-M506GE VHF/DSC.
  • For those customers that want a top of the range VHF/DSC radio for their vessel with large screen and control as well as multi-station control, choose the Icom IC-M605EURO.

All these products are now available from Icom marine radio dealers nationwide. To find out who your local marine dealer is contact Icom UK on 01227 741741 or email: