Seajet Paints have introduced an updated and improved two-component version of Seajet 039 Platinum for the 2008 season and beyond. The old one component tins will no longer be available once existing stocks have been depleted.

The new look 2 litre tins are available in four colours – Navy blue, Mid blue, Red & Black and consist of Component A, the fluid content and Component B, a measured proportion of dry Cuprous Oxide (copper) powder, located in the cap of the tin.

Prior to application Component B needs to be gradually mixed 3 to 4 portions at a time with Component A, whilst continually stirring to achieve a more homogenous product. Application by spray or mohair roller should occur no later than 36 hours after mixing, for a successful result. Coverage rates of between 9-10 sq.m/litre can be expected.

039 Platinum is a highly advanced, multi-season, self-polishing anti-foul designed and tested to perform well in a wide range of popular boating areas such as Northern Europe, the Mediterranean and in particular the warm waters of the Caribbean, where fouling is often found to be at its very worst.

039 Platinum can be regarded as an ideal ‘blue water’ cruising product and provided sufficient coatings are applied from the outset, can provide reliable hull protection for up to three seasons. As a result, Platinum is perfectly suited to yachts wishing to cruise for extended periods of time, where often even finding a boatyard able to haul out a vessel to re-apply anti-fouling is a difficult, costly and inconvenient proposition.

In the majority of cases Platinum can be applied directly on top of existing anti-foul coatings, as long as the general condition of the hull is good. Occasional exceptions apply and Seajet advise seeking 100% confirmation before proceeding.