PMR446 radios offer an effective and low-cost communication solution providing general-purpose radio communications over a short distance. There is no need for a licence and no previous knowledge or experience of radio equipment is necessary.

Icom IC-4088SRIcom IC-4088SR
PMR 446 Handheld transceiver
Designed to meet the demands of the licence free PMR446 service, the IC-4088SR features a high level of flexibility, allowing instant communication between members of a group in and around buildings and over short distances.

Icom IC-F4029SDRIcom IC-F4029SDR
Professional Digital Licence Free Transceiver
A first in the market, the Digital Ready IC-F4029SDR is truly a professional transceiver bringing users better communication versatility and quality because of digital clarity, razor sharp signalling performance and less congested dedicated digital PMR channels.

Icom IC-F25SRIcom IC-F25SR
Commercial Grade Licence Free Transceiver
Responding to professional radio users needs, the IC-F25SR is a tough, easy to use practical radio with a high capacity battery pack that will meet the demands of the PMR446 service.