Raymarine launches 60STV satellite television antenna providing enhanced channel coverage for larger vessels


Raymarine has launched the 60STV satellite television antenna system. This powerful dome antenna provides enhanced satellite tracking in regions prone to weaker signals, extending the range of satellites reached from the vessel. Particularly suitable for yachts from 50 feet and above, the 60STV offers access to hundreds of channels of digital entertainment with digital quality sound, enabling films and TV programmes to be viewed on Raymarine monitors on board – such as the E Series and M1500 monitor – or on standard TV screens.

A more powerful version of the already successful 45STV, this new antenna uses Raymarine’s proprietary Wide Range Search (WRS) algorithm and Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT)technology for faster satellite acquisition and more reliable tracking even in extreme sea conditions and poor weather conditions.

The 60STV is available in two versions; standard and premium. The premium model features Automated Skew Control, which automatically adjusts the position of the LNB (Low Noise Block converter). By maintaining the optimal skew angle at all times, this ensures maximum signal reception is achieved while the vessel is underway.

Both the premium and standard versions of the 60STV ensure fast satellite acquisition, anywhere in the world, using NMEA 0183 GPS position input. This, combined with the WRS algorithm, means that as soon as the unit is switched on, it locks onto the nearest satellite. By reading the satellite’s ID, the 60STV uses the algorithm to automatically find the location of the requested satellite. Once locked on, the 60STV’s DBT technology continuously measures the vessel’s heading, pitch, and roll, ensuring it stays locked on to the signal, even when underway, or in extreme weather and heavy seas.

In addition, the 60STV provides conical scanning, which helps it to detect the strongest satellite signal available, and enhances stabilization. The wide elevation angle also enables it to maintain a satellite fix for longer. Internally, a unique, rotating sub-reflector redirects the signal within the antenna, which minimizes dish movements, making it quieter and smoother on board.

For easy use, the 60STV comes with a remote mounted Antenna Control Unit, which provides viewers with a clear LCD display and keypad for manual satellite selection, and shows the antenna’s status with diagnostic indicators.

Cased in a tough, compact UV dome, the 60STV will access up to four satellite receivers using an active multi-switch. This quad LNB design is available for Europe and the Middle East, with a dual LNB version available for China, Australia and New Zealand.

The Raymarine 60STV is fully FCC, IC and CE approved for the marine market, and is RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant. Available worldwide, it is distributed and supported by Raymarine’s global distributor network.