We’ve anchored by lots of islands, many the epitome of everything a cruiser is searching for: remoteness, white beaches, coral reefs, coconuts and turtles. But we’ve never been on an island which reminded us so much of living on our own boat

We sailed into the deep bay next to Pulau Macan (aka ‘Tiger Island’) for the night and stayed for a week. The only difference between this tropical island and a boat is that it’s permanently moored. Just like us, the island has no shore power so they use solar panels to generate power.

Water is a precious commodity, so it’s used sparingly. They only eat fish they catch, and they source all other supplies locally. Yes, it has trees. And there are monitor lizards. But let’s not get too picky about it…

Few people outside Indonesia know about the Seribu Archipelago (aka ‘Thousand Islands’). According to the owner, no other sailboats had anchored next to the island before, so we were somewhat of a curiosity. The welcome could not have been warmer.

If you are looking for a taste of tropical peace and serenity only normally accessible by sailboat we’d recommend Pulau Macan as the next best thing.

Two hours by motorboat and you’re slipping into the sea straight from the island’s deck. If you’re lucky you’ll swim with a turtle and watch rays glide by, just like we do on our boat.

And no, we’re not being sponsored by the resort, we just love the place.