View of SS Stevens wheelhouse from the port side, 1975, Bill Walendzinski

The weather has improved and it's time now to enjoy the light evenings and weekends. Here are our simple pre-launch tips to help get your boat back on the water

About Pantaenius

Pantaenius has been arranging insurance cover since 1899 and has grown into a world class enterprise.

Boat insurance guide

Go for the cheapest and hope you don't need to claim, or go for the most expensive because that must be the best? Or take a more logical approach with…

Storm damaged boat

What to bear in mind if you need to make a claim and why insurers make use of the dreaded loss adjuster.

Boat on fire

If premiums differ between two insurers - unless one of them is making far more profit or benefits from economies of scale - then the events covered or how much…