Dutch boat builder, Vanquish Yachts has revealed the VQ90 Veloce concept. If built, it would be one of the ten fastest superyachts in the world.

Vanquish Yachts’ new VQ90 Veloce is designed to reach speeds of 55 knots or above.

The company believes that, if built, this will make it one of the fastest superyachts on the planet.

The initial concept of the VQ90 was made to tease potential clients. But, as a result of positive feedback, the Dutch company is now taking the design to the next stage.

Vanquish Yachts is working on the VQ90 Veloce with Guido de Groot.

The exterior profile of the 28.4 metre vessel clearly resembles the new VQ48.

See pictures of the new VQ48 below

The VQ90 Veloce is characterised by a large open deck plan. It has a panorama hardtop with a targa sunroof.

One of the options on the new Vanquish VQ90 Veloce

One of the options on the new Vanquish VQ90 Veloce. Credit Vanquish Yachts


Four different interior layouts have been devised for eight to ten guests. The galley will be designed by Swiss television chef René Schudel.

This all-aluminium vessel will be fitted with three MTU 16V 2000 engines and Arneson surface drives. Along with its streamlined deep v-hull, this will give the superyacht a top speed of 55+ knots.

A second version of the VQ90 is available with less powerful engines that still provide a top speed of 40 knots.

VQ90 Veloce by Vanquish Yachts

The CEO of Vanquish Yachts, Tom Steentjes, said: ““All Vanquish clients are demanding individualists on the lookout for extravagant and revolutionary designs that provide extreme performances.”

He continued: “The VQ90 Veloce will combine a breakneck speed of at least 55 knots with the manoeuvrability of a 60-footer and exceptional comfort and stability. The design lends itself particularly well to the kind of innovations and unique ideas that have yet to be seen on other superyachts. We look forward to being challenged to make an extreme boat together with the owners.”

Meanwhile, the new VQ48 is currently undergoing sea trials ahead of its official unveiling in St Tropez on 25 June.

Vanquish Yachts VQ48

The new VQ48 being prepared for sea trials. Credit Vanquish Yachts


It has a rice white exterior and cognac-tinted interior.

The VQ48 has efficient soundproofing, shock absorption at high speeds, advanced manoeuvrability and fast acceleration.

It also has a large amount of free space, making it easy to move around.

VQ48 Vanquish Yachts

The VQ48. Credit Vanquish Yachts


Special attention has been also given to the comfort of the driver, with a new dashboard, as well as redeveloped helm and adjacent seats.

Guests at the launch event will also have the opportunity to put the new VQ48 through its paces on the water