Help protect the environment with a Wavestream Bilge Filter which prevents oily bilge water being pumped into the sea.

The Wavestream Bilge Filter is a development of world-wide importance which helps protect the environment by preventing oily bilge water being pumped into the sea. Over the past ten years a new filtration system, based on Xoil bonding technology, has been developed for the oil and shipping industries. Xoil is a filter material which bonds with oil. It is processed into sheet-form and converted into simple filter cartridges which fit easily and neatly into the pipework from the bilge pumps.

• So effective is Xoil that each filter cartridge will absorb 3 times its own weight of oil.

• So efficient is Xoil that even the smallest system will handle 65 litres per minute.

• So welcome is the technology that the entire BT Global Challenge fleet adopted it.

• So important is the development that Lloyd’s Register has given Type Approval across the standard range.

Inline installationThe filter simply fits inline.

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