Seajet anti-foul products get the MBY test treatment

Editorial staff from top UK magazine Motor Boat & Yachting tested two different Seajet anti-foul products on two separate occasions during 2011 and both products performed extremely well and were awarded five out of five stars for performance and four out of five stars for value!

First up, Lester McCarthy tested Seajet 034 Emperor on “Seascaper” his Boston Whaler for a period of 13 months and said in his report as published within the September issue: “I was impressed that the speed of the boat up until this time (hauling out) was not significantly slower. Over the hull there was no weed growth except in a few areas.”

Secondly, editor, Hugo Andreae tested Seajet 039 Platinum on his boat and said in his report published in the December issue: “There was not a single barnacle or significant growth of weed on the antifouled surface.”

Read the full unedited reports on the Seajet Paint website.