Email access


outlook username

Pin: cc9n

Outlook password


Classified low-ticket items for sale e.g. outboards, jackets
etc in boatsandoutboards style

Includes YAC – premium phone number – Steve Kendall knows
about this

BOAT2BOAT – gallery in CMS

Contact Abigail_hatter@ipcmedia.com


Feed requests through Kelley Malcher

Three types of feed – direct (openmarine/theyachtmarket),
yachtworld, rightboat (rightboat charge money)

openmarine/theyachtmarket – Lee Whitlocke lee@theyachtmarket.com

Rightboat – maat@rightboat.com

Sure you know who to contact at yachtworld!

Monthly broker reports – will be cc’d in by Charlene – come
from david read/david bright

Manual uploads – instructions sent in email – we think Hardy
Marine are the only ones that use it. Brighty considering turning it off during
move to new servers