Choose the best handheld for your application

Icom IC-M31Icom IC-M31
VHF Marine Transceiver (Lithium-ion version)
Icom’s best selling transceiver, the IC-M31 now comes with a Lithium-ion battery as standard. Along with the BC-162 single desktop rapid charger as standard means customers can now purchase this marine handheld at an unbeatable price.

Icom IC-M33Icom IC-M33
Buoyant VHF Marine Transceiver
Weighing only 305g, the stylish IC-M33 is Icom’s first marine VHF transceiver that floats in water. This revolutionary new radio has been designed to be easy to use and is supplied as standard with a 980mAh Li-Ion battery pack provides nine hours of operating time.

Icom IC-M71Icom IC-M71
VHF Marine Transceiver
The IC-M71 VHF marine handheld transceiver is designed as the successor to the immensely popular IC-M1EuroV and builds on the ground-breaking achievements of its predecessor by setting new standards in design, waterproofing and battery technology.

Icom IC-M87Icom IC-M87
Compact/Waterproof VHF PBR/Marine handheld
Designed with emphasis on commercial use, the IC-M87 is a high class business marine handheld that meets both marine and simple Private Business Radio (PBR) applications. Compact and with a tough construction, the IC-M87 meets military standard requirements.