Get VHF in two helm positions on your vessel

Are you the skipper of a commercial boat who wants VHF marine communication from the front and rear of your boat?

If the answer to either these questions is yes, then Icom UK have the answer. Icom UK have introduced a new, compact black box interface that provides multi-station control between the following Icom VHF/DSC marine transceivers and two HM-195 Commandmics;

– Transforms the IC-M400BB Black box VHF/DSC transceiver from a single station to a dual station system.

– Transforms the IC-M423 fixed VHF/DSC from a dual station to tri station system.

The HM-195CMI will allow up to three positions on a vessel to make full radio contact, as well as providing intercom between two Commandmics and the radio.

With the abundance of electronics on a vessel, space is very much at a premium. The HM-195CMI black box interface measures 140mm x 90mm x 34mm and can be easily installed out of sight on any vessel. There is enough flexibility with the 6 metre cable or optional 6 metre extension cables (maximum 18 metres) to install the Commandmics in your favoured position.

As the HM-195CMI is compatible with the IC-M423 and IC-M400BB marine transceivers, all features of both these fixed models are available on the Commandmics. These include the same intuitive operation, active noise cancelling technology, DSC, PA functions power switch and distress call.

This interface is available now with a suggested selling price of £200.00 (ex.VAT)