High quality access to satellite television channels worldwide

March 2010 – Raymarine’s range of compact dome satellite TV systems now includes a compact 33STV, enabling vessels from superyachts to dayboats to enjoy quick, clear and reliable access to hundreds of digital channels, anywhere in the world.

From the biggest 60STV to the 45STV, 37STV and the all new 33STV offering the most compact dome size, Raymarine is offering users a complete range of high performance, easy-install antenna systems to cover most boat sizes and installation areas.

The latest in the range is the 33STV, which delivers maximum performance in a compact footprint. Designed for vessels between 6m and 7.6 m (20 to 25 feet), the 33STV measures just 33cm (13”) diameter. Using Raymarine’s Low Noise Block (LNB) technology, the 33STV antenna can link to two set top boxes. And boat owners don’t even need to fit separate screens to catch the action, as the system is fully compatible with Raymarine’s E, G C Series Widescreen, E Series Widescreen and Glass Bridge displays enabling those on board to watch programmes using their existing multifunction screens.

All four STV models use the latest High Definition technology and are packed with easy to use features. Satellite acquisition is fully automatic, using Raymarine’s unique and proprietary Wide Range Search algorithm. Combined with highly accurate built in GPS position data, this ensures the fastest identification and acquisition of satellites. Raymarine’s STVs are compatible with all the leading satellite television providers including DirecTV, Dish Network and Express Vu.

A common issue with satellite antenna systems is that bad weather, or rough and choppy water, affects signal quality and lock on. Raymarine has overcome this using its Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) technology. DBT not only continuously measures the vessel’s pitch and roll to keep the antenna locked on, it also uses conical scanning to detect and maintain the strongest satellite signal – all done quietly and automatically using a rotating sub-reflector which redirects the signal and minimizes the need for constant dish movements.

Easy to install, Raymarine’s STV antenna systems have a remote mounted antenna control unit, which provide viewers with a clear LCD display and keypad for manual satellite selection, and show the antenna status with diagnostic indicators. The 37STV, 45STV and 60STV are cased in a tough UV resistant dome and come complete with all interconnect cables, mounting hardware, template and instructions.

All Raymarine’s STVs are fully FCC, IC and CE approved for the marine market, and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant. Available worldwide, they are distributed and supported by Raymarine’s global distributor network.

Raymarine’s new STV range retail at £2995 ex VAT for the 33STV, up to £7125 ex VAT for the 60STV.