Free GRIBview software and GRIB weather forecast data

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GRIBview is theyr’s free standalone software application that enables you to request, download, and view weather forecast data.

The GRIBview application:
–   Is easy to understand and simple to use
–   Offers six day forecasts in 3 or 6 hour time steps
–   Has group and single data display modes:
–   Displays wind speed and direction, pressure, precipitation and temperature
–   Offers meteogram display option
–   Allows you to download or email the GRIB Data – very useful if you are on the water and bandwidth is limited
–   Lets you zoom in on and animate the data – so you can watch weather systems develop
–   Is available as free Mac or PC versions

Download links (.zip files):

For a PC

For a Mac

Exceptionally accurate weather and ocean forecast data from

theyr also produce high resolution data for their subscribers. The higher the resolution the data, the greater the accuracy of the forecast.

theyr enhanced services for GRIBview subscribers:
–   High resolution NMM data from 0.01 degree (~1km) to 0.1 degree (~10km)
–   Email or download your forecast as GRIB data
–   Request data offline, download online, view offline
–   Export GRIB data to third party navigation software
–   Global wave 0.5 or 1 degree
–   High resolution wind/wave 0.04 to 0.1 degree
–   High resolution tidal stream data 1.8km or 12km
–   Time steps: 1, 3 or 6 hour

Subscribing to a theyr high resolution GRIBview package could help you:
–   Avoid wasted trips to the coast
–   Steer clear of unnecessary danger or discomfort
–   Take full advantage of weather windows that you may otherwise miss
–   Benefit from highly accurate forecasts even in low bandwidth areas

theyr GRIBview subscription plans provide marine enthusiasts and professionals alike with accurate weather forecast data that’s easy to work with from just £6.95 a month.

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