From the Deputy Chairman of The Protest Committee and the Regatta Director to the under-25 Skipper Trophy holder and Cowes Week 2016's mascot, Bertie the dog, we take a look at the people behind the scenes at this year's regatta.

The countdown has started! Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week 2016 kicks off on the Isle of Wight this Saturday, 6 August. Official clothing supplier to the event, MUSTO has gone behind the scenes to meet some of the faces involved the event: from organisers and participants to Cowes Week’s gorgeous, furry mascot, Bertie the dog.


Sonia Mayes – Deputy Chairman of The Protest Committee 
Cowes Week 2016 SONIA MAYES

Sonia may be strict when it comes to the rules of the regatta, but looks forward to the unique excitement of the competition each year. Sonia’s favourite memory of Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week was a mass protest of 25 people. She looks forward to seeing old friends, and being part of the buzz for another successful year.

Phil Hagen – Regatta Director


Phil Hagen loves seeing the large number of people out racing on the Solent during Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week which can be up to 8,000 individual sailors.
“At the end of the day when all of the racers come back in and have had a good day out on the water it’s so rewarding.” he says. “Each day we set off 37 class races, some classes have several races, which can mean 39 starts in a day. Each class averages 10 mark roundings per race, that’s close to 400 mark roundings happening simultaneously on the water – it’s a hell of an organisational feat.”.
Phil is pictured with Commercial and Marketing Director, Kate Johnson and Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Kristen Lloyd. Brother and sister,


Sophie and Will Heritage – Participant and under-25 Skipper Trophy Holder


Will and Sophie Heritage can’t wait to compete at this year’s event. Will who is currently holding the Under-25 Skipper trophy is most looking forward to competing with his father on an array of challenging courses. His sister Sophie is competing in her X-boat, ‘Myrtle’ and excited to be turning 18 and finally being able to party at this year’s regatta.


Tom, Charlie and Harry – Participants

Cowes Week 2016 TOM,CHARLIE & HARRY

Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week 2016 is a huge breeding ground for young sailing talent and triplets Tom, Charlie and Harry, 15, will be racing their Squib at this year’s regatta. They look forward to the opportunity to race in a different part of Solent as “it’s a great opportunity to learn from the other competitors”.

Tod Taylor – Line Officer

Cowes Week 2016 TOD TAYLOR

Line Officer Tod Taylor, plays a huge role in ensuring all competition runs smoothly and fairly during the regatta. He is looking forward to The Friday Night Spectacular which he watches from his house in East Cowes. He says “The Typhoons, Red Arrows and Fireworks make the most fantastic noise. It’s a special evening”.


Bertie Lloyd – Mascot

bertie cowes week 2016 mascot

Last, but by no means least, is Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week mascot, Bertie Lloyd. Bertie especially enjoys dropped snacks left by Cowes visitors and recalls with great fondness, the time he was bought a special doggie ice cream. He hopes the purchaser of the ice cream returns, but is a little anxious about this year’s fireworks display.