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battery charger is a device used to put energy into a rechargeable battery by

forcing an electric current through it. Most chargers these days are “Smart” 3 stage chargers which provide

the optimum charge rate for the battery. We offer both CTEK and Victron chargers

and have a charger for virtually every application.


Aninverter, is an electrical device that changes direct current

(DC) to alternating current (AC) allowing you to power items such as a

Microwave, TV, Laptops. Victron’s Phoenix inverters range from 180-5000VA and

are pure sinewave.


A Combi-Unit combines Victron’s pure sinewave Phoenix

inverter and their intelligent battery charger together with an automatic

transfer switch in one compact enclosure. The benefit is that you only need one

box and it’s generally cheaper than two separate units. The additional transfer

switch means the unit switches between inverter and charger with an available

mains input. In fact it switches so fast it can be used as a UPS.




DC-to-DC converter is an electronic circuit which converts a source of direct

current (DC) from one voltage level to another. For example a 24V supply down

to a stable 12V. Using a converter is much safer than just tapping 12V from one

battery as that can lead to imbalance and premature failure of your batteries.



Battery isolators allow a simultaneous independent charging

of two or more battery banks from one alternator. This is a much better

solution than the conventional 1, 2 or both switch as it allows batteries or

differing capacities and technologies to be charged at the same time.




best solution to avoid Galvanic corrosion and at the same time prevent any

unsafe situation is to install an Isolation Transformer to connect to the shore

side supply.


Remote Panels, Battery monitors

and other equipment are available to complete your system. Control, monitor and

record important system information with Victron’s range of accessories.