If you want to protect your boat from the harmful effects of fouling and increase efficiency, then regular antifouling is vitally important.

The seas around many coastlines contain slime and a mass of rudimentary animal and plant life forms, all competing for somewhere to live and grow.

Depending upon location, water temperature, salinity, water flow, time of year and the amount of sunlight involved, the severity of fouling can vary dramatically and different regions have their own peculiar traits.

Without some form of protection, yacht hulls can become badly fouled within a matter of just a few weeks.

Wooden craft can suffer expensive damage from the dreaded marine borers Teredo and Gribble, which can reduce hardwood planking to pulp within a few short months.

How frequently a boat is used will have a major impact upon antifoul performance – in the vast majority of cases, regular use will be more beneficial than lack of use.