Royal Britannia

Perhaps it’s because Britain once ruled the waves, perhaps it’s something to do with being at the head of an island nation, or perhaps it’s simply because they enjoy it –…

RYA trainer Shaun Priestly using the foils on Lake Garda, Italy

The majority of sailors may think that foiling a Laser is an impossible task, but a bolt-on kit offers sailors the chance to fly on water

Liferaft from HMS Penguin

Kitting your boat out with the full safety rig isn't cheap, but for the peace of mind that you and your family are safe at sea, it’s worth every penny…

Rules and regulations

You’re ready to slip the lines, the engine’s ticking, lifejackets are on, and breakables are stowed, but are you really prepared for cruising abroad?

retro boat ad

The YBW Boats for Sale team dug through the magazine archives to find the best retro boats for sale adverts

Cat and dolphin video

An alligator chomps on a boat, a squirrel goes waterskiing and a goose causes some trouble in our round up of the best water-faring animals.

Rose Noelle on beach

Sailor John Glennie shares with YBW what it’s like to survive an extraordinary journey of shipwreck, storms and starvation