The launch will be a joint UK and US event and will celebrate the UK's commitment to ocean conservation.

WOW Yachts

A philanthropic entrepreneur and a yacht captain have teamed up to create an idealistic new yacht company that will make its debut at the Miami Boat Show 2016 in mid-February.

Claudia Potamkin, an environmentally-minded investor and ex-wife of a wealthy American automotive magnate has teamed up with partner Sandra Yawn, an experienced yacht captain and owner, to create WOW Yachts.

The pair have brought on designer Ward Setzer and have also partnered with The International Seakeepers Society, an environmental charity that works closely with yacht owners and crew to coordinate research and outreach activities.

Potamkin and Yawn have also garnered support from a transatlantic partnership with UK Trade & Investment and BritWeek for a debut gala at the show in Miami.

A statement from the company said: “Guests from all over the world will attend as UK Trade & Investment and BritWeek celebrate collaboration between the British and U.S. marine industries and raise awareness for the UK’s global commitment to marine conservation. There has already been the protection of nearly 100,000 square miles of territorial waters including the designation of Ascension Island marine reserve and 23 new UK marine conservation areas in 2016 alone.”

Initially a charter company, WOW Yachts has developed a three-yacht product line that will allow buyers a few customisable design options.

According to company founder Yawn, the yachts will offer top-notch technology and performance and the company will provide personalised service: “With a simple push or twist of the joystick any person can easily operate this extraordinary vessel … [and] we will offer one on one training and tutor you in the online boating safety course offered by your flag state.”

Yawn also said the company has a delivery date of October 15th scheduled for their first two yachts, in time for the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show next autumn. Renderings of the vessels are included below.

WOW Yachts has a varied set of company ideals, but its founders say they will be most focussed on environmental sustainability and women’s empowerment.

“A strong component of the brand focuses on ocean advocacy and research,” said Captain Yawn. “WOW Yachts and ownership will enable the yachts to become ‘Vessels of Discovery’ with International SeaKeepers Society. As ‘Vessels of Discovery,’ WOW yacht owners will have the opportunity to join with the nonprofit SeaKeepers on various missions of their choosing.”

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