The Danish boat manufacturer has launched a new, sustainably-built electric motorboat for use in coastal cruising and on lakes and canals.

A Danish boat manufacturer has launched a new non-emitting and low-noise electrically-driven motorboat.

RAND Picnic is built from sustainable, lightweight materials and seats up to 10 people, according to the Danish company, RAND, that created the eco-friendly vessel.

The boat is designed for use in coastal sailing and as a yacht tender as well as for sailing on lakes and canals. It is hydro-dynamically optimised to maintain momentum when sailing under electric power, and – with the purchase of the largest available battery pack – Picnic can sail for up to 16 hours at a maximum speed of 10 knots.

The boat does not require a license to operate and is unsinkable and self-bailing, according to RAND. Prices for the vessel start at EUR 9,995.00.

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