Designer Max Zhivov's latest concept, Modul GO, is a mobile and ecological houseboat inspired by construction games and flat pack furniture


Created by Max Zhivov, the designer behind the electric powered trawler Trondheim 40 and the LEGO inspired MYBO modifiable yacht system, the Modul GO concept is an ecological and mobile houseboat.

The Modul GO idea came to Zhivov after taking canoe trips with friends and was inspired by kids’ construction games, such as LEGO,  and the concept of IKEA’s flat pack furniture.

Max Zhivov ModulGO houseboat

The idea behind Modul Go is to create an affordable way of life on water. The houseboat is mobile and can be easily modified according to customers’ needs.

Modul GO comes with two rooms, cafe, equipment rental point, a base for hydroplanes, a boat refueling module, cargo variant for transporting of goods and small passenger cars as standard, and is made on basic platforms which measure 9 m x 4,5 m and 13 m x 6,5 m.

Max Zhivov ModulGO houseboat with helipad

The houseboat is fully ecological and comes with electric motors and solar panels. The engines can be chosen according to the houseboat model and its functions.

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Modul GO is designed with mobility in mind and can be transported by two euro tracks and quickly assembled by four people over two days.

Max Zhivov has created the houseboat concept with the idea of an eco holiday village in mind, where Modul GO can be rented for a vacation.

Zhivov is also planning to develop a Modul GO app to design sections of the houseboat with customers.
Buyers will be able to access the design on their smartphone and see all the plans, tech options and calculate the price of their final project.