This James Bond-esque floating island features all mod cons and can even be sailed!

This jaw-dropping concept was unveiled at The Monaco Yacht Show 2015 and of late it’s definitely picked up a lot of interest.

Design company Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts presented the designs for a private, floating island at the show.

The 80-metre tall structure, that travels at speeds of up to eight knots, features a waterfall, shark feeding station, heli-deck, and two beach clubs.

Kokomo Ailand

There’s also an owner’s penthouse, two VIP suites and six guest suites. Plus a glass bottomed jacuzzi, cocktail bar, barbecue area, a lift, and even a menagerie of tropical birds.

At night, entertainment can be provided by laser shows and an outdoor cinema.

Kokomo Ailand 2

And if that’s not enough, the private island also comes with a submersible yacht, Migaloo’s main output, in a choice of sizes.

Think it’s the stuff of pure imagination? Think again. Migaloo say that they’ve received “very strong” expressions of interest from clients across the world.

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Christian Gumpold, Migaloo’s managing director, says that he believes the yacht will appeal to: “An open-minded, visionary owner… They would be a real trendsetter and somebody who loves travelling long distances.”

Just don’t ask where they’ll moor it.

Migaloo, based in Austria, specialises in designs for private subversive yachts.

The price for Kokomo Ailand has not been revealed.

This article first appeared on in September 2015.