The world's biggest LEGO ship is to got its UK debut August Bank Holiday weekend. Watch the time lapse video of the construction!

The world’s biggest LEGO ship was unveiled for the first time in the UK at the end of August.

Jubilee Seaways was designed by Jesper Aagesen, Head of New Building at the European ferry company, DFDS, to mark the firm’s 150th anniversary.

It was based on a futuristic concept, rather than being built to resemble one of the firm’s current ferries.

Worlds Biggest LEGO Ship by DFDS

Part of the completed ship, Jubilee Seaways

The ship now holds the Guinness World Record as the biggest of all time.

It was constructed by 7,000 DFDS staff from 75 locations across 20 countries, and took 900 hours to complete.

The ship is just over 12 metres (39.5 feet) long and weighs just under three tons.

Worlds Biggest LEGO Ship by DFDS

The Jubilee Seaways is unveiled

Jubilee Seaways will be showcased at various events around Europe, beginning with the Tall Ships Regatta in Blyth on 26-29 August 2016.

It will return to the UK in October, when it will visit London and Dover, before being part of an exhibition at LEGO World in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Jubilee Seaways by numbers:

  • 1,015,000 LEGO bricks were used to build Jubilee Seaways
  • 7,000 DFDS colleagues were involved in the build
  • These colleagues came from 20 different countries
  • Jubilee Seaways weighs 2,860kg (including the 500kg steel frame)
  • The ship is a massive 12.035m long, 2.72m high & 1.67m wide
  • It took 900 hours to build

Prior to the completion of Jubilee Seaways, the title for the world’s biggest LEGO boat was held by Dan Siskind of Minneapolis, USA.

He built a 25.5 foot long model of the USS Missouri.